Best Job In The World – BVI Entertainer, Job Opening

Marina Cay in the BVI has a job opening. I was already packing my bags when I read that you have to talent. Sadly I am not qualified. If you can sing, dance and play some musical instruments then this may be a dream come true.  Below is some information on how and where to apply. Good luck! Best Job In The World For over 10 years, Michael Beans has delighted audiences on Pusser's Marina Cay in … [Read more...]

Pusser’s Red Box Webcam

Here you can see the Red Box on the dock at Pusser's Marina Cay, this idyllic little island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. A high-resolution video camera is installed on the wall of the fuel dock facing the Red Box, a British antique with an operating telephone. To have your picture taken, just stand in front of the door of the Red Box that faces the Fuel Hut. The camera takes a … [Read more...]