Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Why aren't there more floating bars in the Caribbean? I mean it just seems like they are a focal point where ever they are. Take the Willy-T in the BVI for example, the thing is a magnet for the boating community. Why don't more people follow that lead? Well someone else has in Antigua, take a look at D-Boat in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. It's a little different than the Willy-T, but a grand … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Let's just get this out of the way... Winter sucks. It's freeze all over the east coast and parts of Florida saw freezing temps last night. Next week's trip to Nassau can't come soon enough. To warm your spirit this week's Caribbean wrap up has stories about popular beaches, what to do on Curacao, and some off the beaten path islands that will seduce your island soul. Stay warm … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Another Friday, another exciting Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up! This week we have a couple great stories about Curacao, a trip to the south of Haiti, how to do Dominica like a local and our buddies at Caribbean Soul Trekkers talk about their experience at the Big Bamboo Bar and Restaurant on Anegada in the BVI. Cheers! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Trek Stop: The Big Bamboo Beach Bar and Restaurant … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

It's Friday, time to exhale and start planning the weekend. Hopefully your plans include a little time on or in some blue water. This week's Caribbean wrap up talks about the best beach bars in Provo - Turks and Caicos, new rum from Don Pancho, and a visually stunning video about an island that's for sale off the southern tip of the Exumas. It's called Innocence Island and the makers of the … [Read more...]

7 Most Beautiful Caribbean Harbors

You've been at sea for days. You knees feel weak and you long for solid ground. You look out towards the horizon and you see it, land. You're ready to go ashore, spend your loot, find some "company" and drink rum until you smile crooked. This is what the pirates did back in the golden age of the Caribbean. If you think about it, it really isn't that far off from what the modern day cruiser … [Read more...]

Caribbean Webcam: Curacao’s Royal Sea Aquarium Resort

Welcome to Curacao! Is it me or does Curacao get left off of the American tourist radar. This southern Caribbean island has rich history, beautiful beaches and amazing diving, but it seems its neighbor Aruba takes all the glory. Let's put the RumShop spotlight on Curacao today and take a look at one of its beaches with this week's Caribbean Webcam post. The "C" in the Dutch ABC islands, … [Read more...]

Wet and Wild Beach Club – A HOT Curacao Beach Bar

Wet and Wild Beach Club, I think name says it all. When there is a buzz about something sexy and exciting happening on the beach on the southern Caribbean island of Curacao, it’s a good bet that it's happening at Wet and Wild. Famous for their happy hours on Sunday with DJ Boogie, Wet & Wild Beach Club brings out the awkwardly dancing party animal in all of us. These famous happy hours … [Read more...]

3 Unique Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Quiet, adventure and escape...these are the things I look for when I travel to the Caribbean. I like to so down. Correction. I like to slow WAY down. I escape by running away to an island that lets me stand still, take a deep breath and hear my own thoughts. Occasionally, if every thing is quiet and the stars are aligned just right, you'll hear your paradise whispering into your soul. That's the … [Read more...]

Willemstad Curacao, Harbor Webcam

What makes Curacao special among Caribbean islands? Authenticity. For centuries, they have forged a vibrant and rich culture rooted in history and hospitality. Their heritage is both European and African – representing more than 50 nationalities. They speak Dutch, Spanish, and English – as well as a local language, Papiamentu, a colorful Creole dialect. Interested? Yes, I'm interested, but … [Read more...]

Going Off the Beaten Path in Curacao

We are finally to our last island stop on the ABC island checklist, Curacao. I don't know bout you but I'm ready to explore this island and move on to another exciting place.  I'll find an island webcam for Curacao then we'll be done. Here's a little article that I found that might help if you are wanting  get away from the capital city of Willemstad. … [Read more...]

Exploring The ABC Islands

As a group, the ABC islands offer an incredibly distinctive Caribbean vacation. Consisting of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, the ABC Islands were under the control of the Netherlands as the Netherlands Antilles until 1986. In that year, Aruba gained independence, though the island is still aligned with the Dutch Kingdom. Today, the Willemstad, Curacao serves as the capital of the Netherlands … [Read more...]