Straight From Jost, The Dread Fox Cocktail

After one sip, you'll be swimming in Great Harbour. About three weeks ago I received a message on Facebook from Castaway Stef, asking if I knew the drink recipe for the Dread Fox from Foxy's Beach Bar on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Sadly I did not. But, I had a good source and decided to reach out and see what I could get out of the coconut telegraph. My source...Mr. … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

I don't know about you, but it's cold here in Florida right now. The stories in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up have me thinking of a warm blue water and beach bar bliss. This week's Wrap Up includes stories about a "Crappy" rum punch on Anguilla, a private beach bar in the BVI as well as one that is considered Taboo, a sailing adventure through the Grenadines, and why the small island of Tobago … [Read more...]

Meeting Foxy on Jost Van Dyke

It was early morning, say 7ish, the day after Halloween. The night before our group aboard both the Maples Cookie and Fly-Bye attended a huge Halloween party at Foxy's Beach Bar in Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. I jumped in the dingy with Castaways Mike and Lorrie and we motored over to Great Harbour from our anchorage in White Bay. They needed to grab a few things … [Read more...]

Ivan’s Beach Bar on Jost, Memories and Construction Progress

It's not good to live a life full of regrets. The past is the past, move on. But I do have one regret that became very clear a few weeks ago during a trip to Jost in the British Virgin Islands. Our flotilla of pirate castaways sailed into White Bay on Halloween. We grabbed a mooring ball on the quieter eastern side of the bay, the side where the much-talked-about Ivan's Beach Bar and Campground … [Read more...]

The B-Line Beach Bar and the Passion Confusion Drink

"Hide the Cashmere, the bomber is focused in!" As soon as we grabbed the mooring ball near Diamond Cay, we had the dingy in the water and were motoring towards Little Jost Van Dyke and the B-Line Beach Bar. When Castaway Lorrie says go, we go. I aint arguing. The B-Line Beach Bar is the new kid on the block when it comes to British Virgin Island beach bars. Opening earlier this year (2014) … [Read more...]

A Photo Tour of This Year’s Castaway Beach Bash

It's been over a week since this year's Castaway Beach Bash at Bolongo Bay Resort on St. Thomas and I keep thinking about how great of an experience it was. This was the 3rd annual Beach Bash and it seems like the event keeps getting better and better. More people, more islands visited, more fun, and of course more rum. For those that couldn't make it this year here's a look back at the fun, … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Famous rum bars, best diving islands, and a video tour of Peter Bay on St. John--these are just a few of the stories from this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. One of the stories is by the Huffington Post and is titled, The 15 Best Beaches for 2014. All the beaches mentioned are amazing, but I'm surprised some world class beaches were left off...maybe they were mentioned in earlier years? Beaches like … [Read more...]

The New Soggy Dollar Online Store – Get Soggy!

The Soggy Dollar Bar, home of the Painkiller, swaying hammocks and the time of your life has a treat for you. The famous Jost beach bar has just opened up their brand new online store, full of Soggy gear that will have you showing off your love of this BVI paradise. The old store was very limited in the gear they offered and navigating through it was cumbersome. The new store is a visual … [Read more...]

Foxy’s Firewater Rum – Rum Review

Oh I wish I was there tonight On Jost Van Dyke Sippin' on some Foxy's Firewater Rum Those are a few lyrics from Somewhere in the Sun by Kenny Chesney. The island cowboy sure knows how to sweet talk our tropical, sand on the brain souls doesn't he. I'd have to say that Somewhere in the Sun has to be in my top 5 Chesney songs. It paints the perfect picture of living in the islands and letting … [Read more...]

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke – Photo Friday

Oh to be kickin' back right now in White Bay on the lazy island of Jost Van Dyke. Jost is pretty much the playground of the entire Virgin Island, US or British. Famous beach bars, translucent water and the ever present Painkiller, it really is a Caribbean paradise. In saying that, you wouldn't be able to tell any of that from today's Caribbean Photo Friday picture. I think I see one, maybe two … [Read more...]

Corsairs Beach Bar – Jost Van Dyke, BVI

For this week's Caribbean beach bar story we sail into Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke. I've been hesitant about writing on the famous Jost beach bars. Why? I like to tell you guys about places that you might not know about, off the beaten path so to speak. And since JVD is pretty much ground zero for famous beach bars, I've stayed away from them. Sure, I wrote about the Soggy Dollar webcam here, … [Read more...]