Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

If you aren't ready for the cold weather that's just around the corner, then hop a fast plane south to el Carib. This week's Caribbean Wrap Up has plenty of hot spots that will keep summer lasting for as long as you want it to. Want to sample amazing Caribbean rums and beers? Then head to St. Maarten next month. Don't know what to bring back for friends and family? Read about the top Caribbean … [Read more...]

There’s a Spirit of a Storm – Barbuda, Photo Friday

Barbuda is a secluded undeveloped island, part of a three-island state with Antigua and Redonda, part of the British West Indies. The beauty of Barbuda is in its natural, peaceful way of life. It is not for visitors who are looking for sophisticated nightlife, it is a place where you relax, slow down and make your own entertainment. In Barbuda you will see an island that is unspoiled by tourism. … [Read more...]