Jamaica Road Trip: The Pirate Route

Jamaica is best known for its all-inclusive resorts, snow white beaches and I hear the make some pretty good rum. A Caribbean paradise for sure. But 300 years ago Jamaica was very different. It was a haven for pirates. Jamaica was strategically located between Central America with all it's Aztec gold and deep water leeward island passages that lead back to Europe. The perfect place to set up shop … [Read more...]

Aged Rum. The Search For The Real Captain Morgan

Wanted to share this story that Castaway Scott emailed to me the other day. U.S. archaeologists are in search for real-life buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan. A bunch of items have been found on the bottom of the sea and clues are pointing to the pirate Henry Morgan. One of those clues, a barrel that could contain rum. I'll raise a glass of grog to that. Here's the … [Read more...]

A Majestical and Vivid Macaw from Margarita – Photo Friday

Just 20 miles off the coast of Venezuela’s north shore sits Margarita Island. It lures Caribbean travelers with its private beaches, pristine island views, and colorful wildlife, such as this macaw. I thought this photo would make a super Caribbean Photo Friday. Beautiful bird, beautiful color. (Photo from Arianna Arteaga, travel.NationalGeographic.com) Have a great weekend … [Read more...]

Talk Like A Pirate Day – AAAARRRR Ye Ready!

Would it be weird if I told you "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is my favorite day of the year? Probably so. I get excited over the small things. I have already used some pirate lingo today.  I asked my girl friend, "Arrrrrr you going to fix me some breakfast?"  She didn't think that was too funny. Here is a little history I found from Wikipedia on this grand day. International Talk Like a Pirate … [Read more...]

Legend of the Cursed Rum – Part 1

Fascinated by stories of pirates, rum and adventure? Then this is the story for you. The Sandy Slippper, Beach Outpost and myself teamed up and wrote a short story. We each wrote a part totally independent of the other two. We had no idea where the story was going or starting. An experiment if you will. The Legend of the Cursed Rum starts here. Read it if you … [Read more...]

Spain, Shipwrecks and Why We Look for Gold

Spain was the first nation to benefit from the discovery of the New World. The Spanish conquered Mexico, Central America and South America, and their investment is these newly acquired countries began to pay off with interest. Silver and gold were discovered, and shipments of these precious metals were soon on their way back to Spain. In a few short years, Spain became the richest country in the … [Read more...]

Miami and Cape Coral Lost Treasure

It's amazing how much lost and buried treasure there is in the state of Florida. I have read story after story about how 300 years ago some pirate or smuggler had buried the loot and then died. Losing the location of the treasure to the sands of time. Some has been found, the majority has not. Finding some would be a grand adventure wouldn't it? Go get it. 2 Lost Treasure Stories • A man lived … [Read more...]

4 Stories of Buried Treasure in Key West, Everglades and More.

I love how some of these stories are told with enough detail that they give you hope that you could find the loot. Digging for gold and silver would be fun for about an hour, after that I'd be looking for some shade and a margarita. Florida is hot! Enjoy the stories from Treasurelore.com. 4 Florida Buried Treasure Stories • Eight barrels of English coins amounting to $100,000 were buried near … [Read more...]

6 Lost Treasures Never Found in Florida

Yes, it's Treasure Tuesday again. That means a few stories of buried treasure that's never been found. I wonder just how much gold and other loot is really out there. I saw a guy in the water with a metal detector this weekend. I couldn't help but watch to see if he came up with some 300 year old Spanish gold. He came up empty this time, but maybe some day. The treasure is out there, it just … [Read more...]

5 Florida Pirate Treasure Storys, Go Get It!

[ad#Google Adsense-1] I think we all fantasize about digging under a forgotten palm tree and striking a solid object with our sandy shovel. Running our fingers through the 250 year old Spanish gold coins, then tossing them into the air and have them rain down on us as yell out in pure excitement. You dream about that right, or is it just me? Could be my run away imagination again. O'well. Here … [Read more...]

5 Stories of Buried Pirate Loot

I'm not sure why pirates are celebrated so much in modern times. After all they murdered and stole for living. We don't idolize those turkeys off the coast of Somalia do we? No. For whatever reason the idea of pirates sailing the seas has been romanticized. Maybe it's the the freedom. Maybe it's the adventure. Maybe it's the quest for treasure. My vote is for all three. Here are 5 pirate … [Read more...]