Stylin’ & Profilin’ In My ISLANDS Hat

I like hats. I like visors. I have an entire closet full. Do I have a problem? Maybe, but at least it's one that's not going to kill anyone. When I got my ISLANDS renewal letter in the mail a month or so ago and they were giving away a free ISLANDS hat with a renewal, excitement entered my body.  The hat arrived the other day and looks great.  I'm looking forward to wearing it as I sit on … [Read more...]

An Out Body Experience – Islands Magazine

That's what I feel like every time my eyes travel through the pages of ISLANDS magazine. I'm sure you're thinking...okay RumShop, how can a magazine give you an out of body experience? Clean the sand out of your ears and I'll tell you. If you and I have something in common, it will probably start with our interest in beaches, islands, blue water and entertaining rum soaked evenings. That … [Read more...]