An Interview With The Mad Gringo Novelist

Books let your mind escape and imagination wander like nothing else. They keep you on the edge of your seat and have you anticipating every page turn. They can relax you, inspire you, frighten you, and cause you to dream. Funny how words on paper can do so much. I've been "internet" friends with Greg Chambers for a long time. He owned a pretty kick ass clothing company called Mad Gringo back in … [Read more...]

Exclusive Buck Reilly Interview

Salvage operator, flying boat pilot, checkered past, Key West resident, and adventure seeker--these are words I would use to describe Buck Reilly. But these only tell you a fraction of the real story. Let's dive in a little deeper and find out what makes the star of the Buck Reilly adventure series do the things he does. In this exclusive interview we will touch on some lighter topics like … [Read more...]

Eye For The Islands: An Interview with Photographer Old Mango

Everyone knows the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, well photos from Old Mango are worth a few more. William Anthony, known online as Old Mango - Guide To The Islands, is a fantastic photographer that lives in the USVI and lives the true Castaway life. We see the world in front of his lens, now let's get to know the person behind it. I met William this past January on St. Thomas but … [Read more...]

My Interview With Jon Anthony & Mark Tamburino of No Shoes Radio

There are great jobs then there are great jobs. Being a DJ for Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Radio might just take the cake. Jon Anthony--the original Mr. Golden Voice--and Mark Tamburino--the free spirited singer/songwriter that everyone calls Tambo--are the two guys that captain the ship known as No Shoes Radio. Let's raise anchor and go for a ride with Jon and Tambo to find out a little more about … [Read more...]

Interview With Robert Burr Sr. – Founder of the Miami Rum Renaissance

Do you like rum, I mean really like rum? Would you be able to control yourself if you were in a room with over 60 rum companies all offering taste testings and cocktails? Control might be an illusion. The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival is next month and you'll have a chance to test you're self control. Excitement is building for the biggest rum event in the country, what better place to get the … [Read more...]

Pirate Sessions Interview – Grab a Rum, This is going to be fun

If you had to put a sound track to your life, what would it be? Being a Castaway, I'm guessing your sound track might be include some Buffett, a little Chesney and a splash of Marley. Those artists are the backbone of the escapism genre, but there's a whole armada of other trop-rockers out there pounding the pavement and growing their pirate following. One group that is fairly new(couple years) , … [Read more...]

RumShopRyan Interview With Florida Travel Cocktail Podcast

Hey Castaways, here is a fun interview I did with Ben and Rori with the Florida Travel Cocktail Podcast. Florida Travel Cocktail Podcast is a delicious mix of current events and news in Florida Travel and Tourism, shaken with special guests, stirred with delicious cocktails and served with two of Florida’s top Travel Bloggers, Adventures with Ben and Rori Travels Florida. Download & Listen … [Read more...]

Team Cocktail Interview – Travel Global, Drink Local

Let's pop the top off life for awhile, kick back with a cold libation and turn vacation into a permanent one. That's what the founding members of Team Cocktail have done. Team Cocktail is a drinking company with a clothing problem and they have a style that's right up a Castaways alley. I first stumbled upon Team Cocktail on twitter many months ago and enjoyed their positive outlook on life and … [Read more...]

Interview With Bones Rum Creator Matt Razook

Have you heard about Bones Rum yet? Hell, I didn't even know about it until last week when I saw a mention of it on the On-St.John Blog. You're about ready to get the low down on this new brand of rum straight from the pirates mouth. When I first read the story about Bones Rum my first instinct was to start mixing my next drink. After that I wanted to find out more about this brand of rum with … [Read more...]

Meet The Mad Gringo And His Tropical Idea

Have you heard of the Mad Gringo? If not, you're about to. Greg Chambers, "The Mad Gringo" is the head honcho behind the Mad Gringo tropical clothing brand. He has a unique story that I'm going to let him tell you about in the following interview. He pulled the trigger on a life decision a lot of us dream about every day. The Mad Gringo brand is quite different from your average tropical shirt … [Read more...]

BuffettWorld & ChesneyWorld Interview

Start up that margarita blender and turn on some steel drum music because Josh Martin is going to tell us tales of Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett. Josh is the owner/operator of two very popular fan sites, and These two sites keep us fans up-to-date on all the breaking news about these two entertainers. I was able to lure Josh into an interview with the … [Read more...]