The Cockspur Corn & Oil: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll feel the spur dig in. Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands that has eluded me thus far. A sin I know. It's been called the birthplace of rum and a good friend, Mr. Rum Connection was just there exploring the island's famous rum culture. Because of this, I was inspired to sip on a little Bajan rum. Cockspur. Cockspur is a wonderful rum that hails from Barbados and … [Read more...]

Papa’s Summer Punch – Dive In

After one sip, you'll be reeling in a big one. Are you in the mood for a little summer time? The season of warm sunny days, splashing in the pool, fishing on the boat, and exploring exciting new islands is just around the corner. To help you wrap your arms around the summer time feeling, I give you Papa's Summer Punch by Papa's Pilar Rum. Papa's Summer Punch Drink … [Read more...]

Boat Drink Recips: Pusser’s Ginger Sea Dog

After one sip, you'll be washing up on shore. When you think of Pusser's Rum, I'm betting most of you immediately think of the famous Painkiller cocktail. And why wouldn't you, the drink is freaking amazing and is associated with the beautiful BVI, one of the most beautiful spots in all the Caribbean. But did you know there are other Pusser's Rum drinks? I know right! Who knew! Today, … [Read more...]

Boat Drink Recipe: The Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Cooler

After one sip, you'll be one sip closer to summer. I love rum. Rum is delicious, flexible, and it flows through the Caribbean like the trade winds. When it comes to mixing flavored rums into fruitiful concoctions, I usually reach for Cruzan Rum. I prefer it over other flavored rum like the Bacardi line and it comes from one of my favorite spots in the Caribbean, the USVI. Are you … [Read more...]

It’s National Cocktail Day! Try This…

We Castaways are defined by a few things. Those things are Caribbean islands, sailing the blue, good island music, rum, and of course the concoctions that rum creates. Shall we mix one up? I usually post rum recipes on Wednesdays, a little push to get you over that mid-week hump. I delayed by a day this week because National Cocktail Day! I love these crazy little … [Read more...]

The Sandy Toe Drink Recipe. Make It!

After one sip, you'll want to make your new address the Bahamas. In the last few weeks I've been posting about our time at Sandy Toes Beach Bar on Rose Island in the Bahamas. It's my favorite escape when in Nassau. This little slice of beach heaven has a signature cocktail appropriately called the Sandy Toe. You're going to want one. I've had many requests for this drink recipe, and I don't … [Read more...]

Straight From Jost, The Dread Fox Cocktail

After one sip, you'll be swimming in Great Harbour. About three weeks ago I received a message on Facebook from Castaway Stef, asking if I knew the drink recipe for the Dread Fox from Foxy's Beach Bar on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Sadly I did not. But, I had a good source and decided to reach out and see what I could get out of the coconut telegraph. My source...Mr. … [Read more...]

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With These Rum Potions

After one sip, a spell will cast over you. Corny? Yes. But I don't let a little embarrassment stop me from some goofy word-play. The reason for the corniness is because you, me, and the rest of the United States are looking down the barrel at Valentine's Day. Do other countries recognize this "holiday"? Whether you're married, involved, or single, Valentine's Day is a great day to create … [Read more...]

Sip On This Rum Swizzle

After one sip, you'll start saving for a boat. What flavor characteristics does your favorite rum drink have? Is it sweet, or is it bitter? Does it give you a fruitiful blast or is it bold sophisticated? Whatever your drink preference, there's definitely a couple dozen rum drink recipes just for you. Castaway Crystal and I have been comparing rum drinks around town lately. Not a bad way … [Read more...]

Three Sheets to the Wind – Three Months to Tortuga Music Festival…coincidence?

Winter has officially come to south Florida. I'm sitting here in a stocking cap, long sleeves, a jacket, jeans, and socks and shoes. Socks and Shoes! I look down at my flip flops and a small tear comes to my eye. If you're anything like me, which if you're reading this you probably are, then you're counting the days until warmer temperatures. You want nothing more than 80 degree sun on your … [Read more...]

The Spicy Farm From Le Soleil D’Or, Cayman Brac

The new year has rolled in and many people are trying to watch those calories and eat better. Today's Boat Drink recipe fits right in with those goals. What, a healthy cocktail? Yes. Let me introduce you to the Le Soleil d’Or Resort on Cayman Brac and their Spicy Farm cocktail. Le Soleil d’Or is the Cayman Islands’ first farm-to-table, wellness-focused destination, situated on the … [Read more...]