Sometimes the need for island therapy flashes through your body with the force of a ocean squall. You have no choice but to listen and obey. This is the feeling I have right now as I write this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up.


Because finding the best stories each week is meant to not only inspire you, it inspires this salty pirate as well. There’s no getting out of the way, I just have to turn my reggae up a little louder and grab another rum drink. Time to settle in and dream as the squall floats by on the trade winds.

I hope you can feel it as well.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

New Marina Proposal for Cruz Bay, St. John?: Wow, now this is something we didn’t see coming. Apparently there are plans for a new marina in Cruz Bay. Please note: This is NOT a Grande Bay-driven proposal. They simply were made aware of the proposal. Here are the details… –Story by News of St. John

Seven Great Boutique Hotels in Jamaica: It’s a way to see a different side of Jamaica, far from the everything-included megaresorts, far from the crowds. Experiencing Jamaica’s boutique hotels is, in many ways, finding the real Jamaica, a gateway to personality, authenticity and character. There are so many great small hotels to choose from, whether in Kingston or the countryside. –Story by Caribbean Journal

A Seaplane Landing in Andros, Bahamas: Here’s a bucket list video from our friends at Tropic Ocean Airways. Ever wanted to see what it’s like to land in the blazing blues of of a skinny water current channel in Andros? Here’s a taste.

Jacqui O’s Beachhouse – A Must-do Dining Experience in Antigua: When our Antigua sailing crew anchored in Picart’s Bay and washed up on the brown sugar shores of Crabbe Hill Beach to enjoy a meal on dry land, we had no idea just how much we would enjoy Jacqui O’s BeachHouse. –Story by Caribbean Soul Trekkers

Things to do in the Virgin Islands to have an ultimate Caribbean experience: The island of St. Croix is the home of the Cruzan Rum Distillery, which many visitors are eager to taste. Rum created from its island of origin is a popular choice for many visiting guests. Here at the distillery tour guides will show you around the headquarters and will teach you about the distilling and bottling operations. –Story by The Best Travel Places

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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