After one sip, you’ll feel the spur dig in.

Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands that has eluded me thus far. A sin I know. It’s been called the birthplace of rum and a good friend, Mr. Rum Connection was just there exploring the island’s famous rum culture. Because of this, I was inspired to sip on a little Bajan rum.


Cockspur is a wonderful rum that hails from Barbados and is the inspiration for this week’s Boat Drink Recipe. The drink is called the Cockspur Corn & Oil. Not the most normal name for a cocktail, but his made me curious.

The Corn & Oil is made with regular Cockspur Gold Rum and another interesting ingredient, Cockspur Falernum.

Cockspur Falernum is a go-to Bajan accessory for cocktail creation. Made with only the finest Caribbean spices that allow the flavors to marry using a time-honored tradition that has been a Barbadian secret for over 100 years. They then add lime juice to create a deliciously sweet, slightly spicy Falernum that has been an island favorite for generations.

Let’s get to mixing.

Cockspur Corn & Oil Drink Recipe


  • 1 1/2 oz COCKSPUR Rum
  • 1 1/2 oz COCKSPUR Falernum
  • 1 lime (quartered)

Mixing Instructions: Muddle and serve on the rocks with a wedge of lime. Raise glass and toast.

The Cockspur Falernum may be hard to find in the US, but I believe it is found throughout the Caribbean. Grab a bottle the next time you’re in the islands and let me know what you think of this cocktail.


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