Ti Punch With Rhum Clément: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you’ll be talking with strangers on the coast of Martinique.

In Martinique, a Ti’Punch (pronounced “tee paunch” or the more American way “tee punch) is more than just a cocktail, Ti’Punch is a part of Martinique’s culture. Ti’Punch brings together friends, reconciles foes, and is a way to welcome strangers with open arms. That associated culture certainly was brought to life the last two times I enjoyed a Ti’ Punch, in Key West and Nassau. Props to Castaway Carl on both accounts.

Historically people have a Ti’Punch in the morning, better known as the famous “Décollage” (which means “Take off”) to help tackle the coming day. The drink begins with the selection of three key ingredients: Rhum Agricole (White, Gold or Aged rhum according to preference), sugarcane syrup or natural raw sugar, and a piece of lime. That’s it–simple, pure, and refreshing.

Ti’ Punch Recipe


  • 1½–2 oz rhum agricole (In my case I used Clément Premiere Canne)
  • 1–2 tsp. cane sugar (or ¼–½ oz cane syrup)
  • 1 large “coin” of fresh lime

Mixing Instructions: Add the sugar to the glass; squeeze the lime juice over the sugar, and (optionally) add the lime shell into the glass. Add the rhum agricole and stir well. Ice is optional. No garnish.

Let me know about the last time you enjoyed a Ti’ Punch. Were you relaxing on Martinique? Were you in the comfort of your own home? Or did you order it at a bar? If it was a bar I’m curious if the bartender knew what is was and how to make it. Let me know!


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  1. Alex October 5, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    I saw this subject and simply had to respond, because I have relived this moment in my head hundreds of times since it occurred, as my first and only time having a Ti’ Punch was this past May while vacationing in St. Maarten-St. Martin, and I had heard and read about the infamous, French Caribbean Island Ti’ Punch prior to arriving on the French side of the island, so one of the first stops I made was to a French restaurant at the marina in Marigot, Le France, where I had one of the best meals that I have ever eaten in my life, while sipping on a Ti’ Punch.

    I must say that the Ti’ Punch was everything, so strong, yet so smooth, one of the best cocktails ever, and I loved it! The expressions on the faces of my wait staff when I ordered a Ti’ punch was priceless and served as a sort of mental warning for what I was in store for, and it did not disappoint. I loved it and I especially loved sipping on that cocktail right there in St. Martin with palm trees swaying, tropical breezes lightly blowing, the sensual sound of French Caribbean zouk music filling the air, overlooking that oh so beautiful, clear turquoise water just set the mood right for tranquility, relaxation, and a feeling of sheer joy and happiness all over my body emitting from the inside out during one of the truly best weeks of my life!

    I can’t wait to have another Ti’ Punch at a beach bar in the Caribbean, so simple, yet it doesn’t get any better than that for me!

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