The Caribbean is full of treasure, not the kind that sparkles and shines, but the natural kind that causes onlookers to watch in amazement. This Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up features some treasure that I think you’ll enjoy. Watching flocks of brightly colored Flamingos on Great Inagua in the Bahamas is a treasure, snorkeling with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic definitely qualifies, and spending time at the charming Santana’s Beach Bar on Little Exuma is something I wouldn’t trade for gold.

Enjoy this Caribbean treasure hunt.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Little Exuma: Santana’s Grill Pit: (One of my favorites! And best lobster dinner in the Bahamas. -RSR) Not knowing much about Santana’s except that “you continue past the Salt Beacon and it’s on your left. You can’t miss it”, we drove on and arrived at one of the coolest roadside spots ever! –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

Humpbacks of the Silver Bank: The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world that issues a limited number of permits to snorkel with humpbacks. After many years of visiting the Silver Bank, the captains, crews, and researchers have come up with methods to protect the whales and provide the best experiences for both the whales and those of us who want to swim with them. Weeklong charters to the Silver Bank Sanctuary provide excellent chances to see the humpbacks both above and in the water. –Story by

The Best Caribbean Islands to Retire To: Sometimes you go to a Caribbean island and wish you didn’t have to leave. (Or perhaps in your case it’s all the time). These are the kind of islands you know you could live on permanently or already do.  More and more, that’s a decision people from all around the world are making — particularly when it comes to retirement.-Story by Caribbean Journal

The Ultimate Garlic Shrimp Recipe: In the Caribbean we have an abundance of wonderful seafood in our waters, including some of the most tasty shrimp you’ll ever enjoy. -Story by Caribbean Pot

On Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas, the flamingos are many and magnificent: The four-wheel drive Ford pickup lurches around a curve in the rock-and-rubble road and pitches to a stop on top of the dike. Below us, about 200 feet away, a dozen flamingos stand frozen in place like lawn ornaments in the shallows of a windblown saltwater lagoon. –Story by the Washington Post

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