Book Review: Second Chance Gold

How do you do a book review without spoiling the book? Hang on tight because we’re going to give it a try!

Second Chance Gold is the 4th book in a series written by author John H. Cunningham. The series follows the adventures of Buck Reilly, a once hotshot darling of Wallstreet, now a down on his luck pilot that lives in a hotel in Key West. Buck is what I would call a cross between Jimmy Buffett and Magnum P.I.; laid-back seaplane pilot scratching out a living on the southern most rock, and hard-nosed, authority-hating, natural born investigator. A very entertaining combination.

Trouble always seems to follow Buck everywhere he goes. Luckily that trouble takes him to some pretty spectacular places and puts him in the arms of some lovely ladies that usually need his off-balanced help. In Second Chance Gold a job sends him to St. Barths, the jewel of the French West Indies, and the playground for the rich and famous. Nah, he couldn’t get into any trouble there could he?!

The job is to look into a missing persons case, it pays well but there are a lot of strings attached. It has him scrambling all over St. Barths, stirring up trouble and uncovering a mystery about lost gold. Are the two related? That’s for you to find out!

Cunningham puts Buck into places many of us Castaways have been. Places like St. Barths, the BVI, St. John, Key West, Anguilla and even Cuba. He goes into great detail about these places when he writes, you  actually feel like you’re right there with Buck. I spent some time on St. Barths earlier this year and it was fun to recognize the places in the book. Places like the famous burger joint Le Select in Gustavia, Eden Rock Resort on St. Jeans Beach, and the beauty of Flamands as seen from high above on the hiking trail to Colombier.  Buck even gets help from famous reggae singer, Bankie Banx during an unfortunate trip to Anguilla. You can actually say, “Hey I stood in the fictional foot steps of Buck Reilly!”

John Cunningham with Bankie Banx

Author John Cunningham with Bankie Banx.

Flamands St Barths

View of Flamands and Petit Anse, St. Barths.

Second Chance Gold is a great read and I highly recommend it as well as the other books in the series; Red Right Return, Green To Go, and Crystal Blue. To help celebrate the launch of this new book, Cunningham and I have partnered up to show you what it’s like to “walk in Buck Reilly’s footsteps.” In the upcoming weeks I’ll be posting photos on Facebook of places that Buck has been on St. Barths. Leave a comment if you’ve been there. Leave a comment if you recognize the place from the book. Get the book and follow along on this St. Barths adventure! One thing is for certain…the island will never be the same.

Grab your digital or paperback copy of Second Chance Gold here.

You can also follow the adventures of Buck Reilly here:


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