Yo- Ho- Ho, and A Bottle of Rum!

Rum, the spirit that is synonymous with Pirates, the high seas and the Caribbean Islands. No good castaway would be seen without some of this delectable liquor in their cup. Thankfully the people at Coconut Bay Beach Resort have developed this handy map to help you take a lazy cruise around the Caribbean and discover the true home of rum.

This map will teach you where to take the tours, the history of the distilleries and of course… which one you should try next!

Created by CoconutBayResort.co.uk. To embed this rum map on your site, click here.

So many islands, so many rums. Exploring the entire Caribbean rum trail is a life long adventure. How many rums do you have in your collections? How many islands and distilleries have you explored? Which one is your favorite?!