Contest! Win Custom Caribbean Wall Decals

Caribbean wall decal


How would you like the chance to win a $75 gift certificate from our friends at Wise Decor? See the Caribbean postmarks above, Wise Decor makes customized wall decals that you can decorate your home or office with. They come in different sizes to best match your home decor.

How do you win? I’m glad you asked!

For a chance to win all you have to do is “Like” the Wise Decor Facebook page and answer the following questions…

What would you get with the $75 gift certificate if you won?

Answer the question in the Facebook box below and you’ll be entered to win, simple as that!

The contest will when run till Saturday morning (6/28/2014) at 10am EST, and the winner will be chosen randomly and announce a few minutes after that.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Caribbean mailing stamp wall decal from each island you’ve been to! You could be $75 closer to having all the destination wall decals that represent places you’ve been and lasting memories that go with them.

  1. Simply Answer the question,”What would you get with the $75 gift certificate if you won?” in the Facebook box above.
  2. Like the Wise Decor Facebook page.

Done! Good luck Castaways!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jann Stewart-Norris! Jann, please direct message me your so I can tell you how to get your $75 gift certificate from WiseDecor Decorative Lettering!


  1. Mary Anello says:

    I would buy something to remind me of my favorite island 🙂

  2. Dennise Christie says:

    Love the postmarks!

  3. Karen Carson says:

    I would definitely buy more decals for all the different islands I have been to! Great memories!

  4. And which is your favorite island Mary?

  5. Jani Douglas says:

    Love this idea. We’ve collected license plates at most of our vacation destinations, but couldn’t get them in some Caribbean locations. It would be awesome to include the wall decals in the same room with the license plates. Need St John, St Thomas, Jamaica, St. Maarten

  6. Catherine S. says:

    I would create a beautiful space on my wall where I can hang pictures of St. Croix. The friends that I went with have passed away in recent years. I’d love to blow up out pics and display them nicely to remember the good times! They were such special people…

  7. Get one for Key West, of course…..

  8. Jenniffer Coomes says:

    I want something beach themed to brighten up these bare walls in this house. And since I am stuck in the mid-west I could use something to remind me of the ocean and islands…

  9. Debbie Watson says:

    I would get anything and everything that reminds me of the Caribbean,
    In particular my favorite Island- ST Thomas, where I live 6 mos of the year!!!
    Such cute ideas- I’m in live with beach- themes! Crossing my fingers!

  10. Tom Kopacz says:

    Too bad those of us who aren’t on Facebook are shut out of the contest.

  11. I would enhance my home with tropical décor that reminds me of my favorite Caribbean island, St. Lucia!!! Then I would relax in a comfy chair with one of my favorite rum cocktails while admiring it all and just let my thoughts drift off to a magical moment spent in St. Lucia with my family!!!

  12. Becca Sherer says:

    I would buy the Jost Van Dyke postage stamp with the date of my first trip there. I would spend the rest on postage stamps with future dates and islands on my wish list! Love these!!!

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