Winners of the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Rum Tasting Competition

Caribbean Rum and Beer festival

The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in Grenada held a blind tasting competition with some of the worlds best rums. The results for the 2013 Caribbean Alcohol Beverage (CAB) Rum Taste Contest are in. Did any of your favorite rums win?

Category: White Rum

GOLD – Westerhall 12 Degrees Rum (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER – Appleton White (Appleton Estate, Jamaica)
BRONZE – Clarke’s Court Superior White Rum (Grenada Distillers Ltd, Grenada)

Category: Overproof Rum

GOLD – Clarke’s Court Pure White Rum (Grenada Distillers Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER – Westerhall White Jack Rum (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
BRONZE – Westerhall Jack Iron (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)

Category: Flavoured Rum

GOLD – Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum (Fishbowl Spirits, USA)
SILVER – Clarke’s Court Mojito Rum (Grenada Distillers Ltd, Grenada)
BRONZE – Siesta Key Spiced Rum (Drum Circle Distilling, USA)

Category: Rum Punch

GOLD – VSRP Rum Punch (Cutters, Barbados)
SILVER – XM Estate Royal Mango Rum Punch (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE – Angostura Rum Punch (Angostura Distillers, Trinidad & Tobago)

Category: Gold Rum

GOLD – 4th Umpire (Aone, Barbados)
SILVER – Westerhall Superb Light (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
BRONZE – Ron Abuelo Anejo (Varela Hermanos, Panama)

Category: Aged Rum (5 – 9 years)

GOLD – Westerhall Vintage Rum (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER – Borgoe 8 Year Old Rum (SAB, Suriname)
BRONZE – Captain Bligh XO (St Vincent Distillery, St Vincent)

Category: Aged Rum (10 – 14 years)

GOLD – XM Royal 10 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
SILVER – XM Special 12 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE – Cockspur VSOR Rum (West Indies Rum Distillery, Barbados)

Category: Aged Rum (15 years and over)

GOLD – Borgoe 15 Year Old Rum (SAB, Suriname)
SILVER – XM Supreme 15 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE – Ron Matusalem 15 Solera Rum (Ron Matusalem, Dominican Republic)



  1. Jeremy McDaniel says:

    Have heard how good the XM rum from Guyana is, bet it is REAL hard to get here. Speaking of favorites I finally got my hands on some Cruzan Estate Diamond Light.. With a couple ice cubes it might be the smoothest rum I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to get the Dark expression! Cruzan really stepped up with this one!

  2. Happy to hear you like the Diamond Light, you’re really going to love the dark! If you’re looking for a great light/blonde rum for sipping you have to try Papa’s Pilar rum. I don’t sip on light rums often, but this one is outstanding. Cheers my friend!

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