From Beach To Bottle, Blue Chair Bay Rum Is Raising Sail

Blue Chair Bay rum

There’s been whispers, there’s been rumors–for years people have guessed about Kenny Chesney creating  his own brand of rum. And why not, the two go hand and hand. In recent months the whispers grew louder and the rumors became fact, Kenny is indeed diving into the rum market with his Blue Chair Bay Rum and the brands holding company Fishbowl Spirits . You excited? Me too!

Kenny isn’t just dipping his toe into the vast world of rum, he’s jumping into it from the top deck of the Willy T. He didn’t simply slap his name on the bottle and call it a day, he had a hand in the entire process. From finding the distillery, to designing the bottle, to tasting the rums–the Caribbean soaked country star had his salty hands all over the development of this new rum.

The idea for a rum came from Kenny, in the Caribbean, sitting on a boat. “What if I could just bottle this up?” The island lifestyle in a bottle, I like it. Drink up indeed.

I was able to talk to a few people from the FLO{thinkery} team helping Kenny bring Blue Chair Bay Rum to market at the No Shoes Nation concert in Tampa and when they told me how involved he was in the process I wasn’t surprised. Each question they answered got me more excited (and impressed), I could tell Blue Chair Bay Rum had the potential to be a quality product, one this pirate is eager to have cross his lips.

About the Rum

The first bottles rolled off the line earlier this week, ready to ship out to 30 states. Like I said, they’re all in. Blue Chair Bay Rum will come in three flavors, there’s a classic White, a Coconut Rum and a new interesting flavor, Coconut Spiced. The rum comes from the birth place of rum…Barbados. The distillery sits right on the Bajan beach, so when they say from beach to bottle they mean it.

Enough of me rambling on like drunken pirate schoolgirl, let’s hear what Kenny had to say about Blue Chair Bay Rum.

I’m not the only one writing about Blue Chair Bay Rum, here’s what the USA Today had to say. You’ll be hearing much more about the new brand as the No Shoes Nation tour hits high gear in the coming weeks.

Where Can you Buy Blue Chair Bay Rum

This is straight from the tuna’s mouth (from the BCBR website, I thought tuna sounded better though).

Blue Chair Bay Rum is coming to liquor stores, fine establishments (and questionable joints) in 30 states beginning in May! If yours is not one of them, head into your local watering hole or retailer and tell them it’s time to get on the boat.

Blue Chair Bay Rum is also being previewed (where the local authorities allow) in parking lots and venues on Kenny’s No Shoes Nation Tour all spring and summer long. Look for the flags and the beach bars at the venues, and get on board.

You can check out the Blue Chair Bay Rum website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages here. You’ll be able to peruse some great new drink recipes on their website as well. You know you can’t go wrong with drinks named Pile Up, Somethin’ Blue, Sixth Gear and Sailor’s Soul! Thirsty yet?

So what do you think, are you going to make Blue Chair Bay Rum part of your rum stash?

Cheers Castaways!


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  1. KeyLime Ryan says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for these! I’m pretty picky about my rums and I’m sure Kenny’s island style will not disappoint. Anybody know what proofs these rums are?

  2. Hi KeyLimeRyan! I believe they are 80 Proof. Standard for rum. Don’t quote me on that, but I believe that’s what I read.


  3. Where will this be available in Key West?


  4. Should be this month Pjk. Make sure you ask your local liquor store to stock it. Cheers!

  5. Salty lime says:

    Heading to Navarre FL may 18th hoping to snag a bottle of coconut spiced somehow by then!! Stay salty Ryan

  6. I’m sure you’ll be able to snag a bottle or two. I’ve heard it’s starting to pop up all over. Cheers!

  7. when is your good stuff coming to slc ut we want a bottle

  8. RumRunner says:

    The Coconut and Coconut Spiced are 53 proof (26.5% alcohol) and the White is 80 proof (26.5% alcohol).

  9. Beach lover says:

    Does anyone know I’d this is available in Oklahoma ?

  10. Picked up a in Kansas City. Not bad. Soft, rounded mouth feel, slightly sweet with a vanilla and faint clove flavor. Finishes with a warming alcohol. No harshness or astringency. Seems like it’s made for a mixer. A touch too sweet, but not overly. An easy drinking rum for the middle of the road. $18 for a 750 on sale.

  11. What flavor did you get TB?

  12. Danielle Downing says:

    I can not find anywhere to buy this in tri-state border. what is up with that? I want some. Kenny would you please ask them to distribute this rum in other parts of the world

  13. Hi Danielle! They have a locator on the Blue Chair Bay Rum website. It also helps if you as your local liquor store to carry it, a lot of the time if you ask they will get it for you. Hope that helps!

  14. just wanted to know if blue chair bay coconut spiced rum actually have coconut in it as my friend is allergic to coconut but tried it and likes the flavor?

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