St. Thomas isn’t known for its beaches like its neighbor to the East, St. John. Don’t get me wrong it has some really beautiful beaches like Magen’s Bay, Bolongo Bay and the focus of today’s Island Lime Video…Sapphire Beach.

Sitting on the East end of St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach is a stunning slice of sand that offers expansive views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands. It’s a good spot for windsurfing, and there are three reef areas just off the shore that are great for snorkeling. Amenities include a marina, restaurants and a beachside dive shop, offering lots of rental equipment.

At one restaurant/beach bar is a character named Thor. Yes I said Thor. He serves cold beverages to beach goers at Sapphire Resort and he has a line for everything. He was sporting a beer box hat and had an infectious smile when we met him. A great guy that made our morning at Sapphire all the more enjoyable.

Since I can’t load you up on a plane and fly you to St. Thomas for a beach day at Sapphire, this Island Lime Video will have to do. Take in the sound of the waves, the glowing blue Caribbean water and imagine yourself there…sipping on a rum.

Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas – Island Lime Video

Did you feel the sun on your skin? The sand beneath your toes? Almost I’m sure. Here are a few more photos of Sapphire Beach to relax you.

Sapphire Beach St. Thomas

Sapphire Beach St. Thomas

Sapphire Beach St. Thomas

Have you been to Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas? What was your experience like?