Castaway Visors Are Here – Look Good When Relaxing

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RumShopRyan Visor

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air. With a very mild Winter on its way out, people are ready for the warmth of the sun to turn their Winter wonderland into a sultry Summer. Before you know it you’ll be breaking out the flip flops, shorts and tank tops. You know what else goes with summer…visors!

I’ve had a ton of requests for Castaway visors. Ask and I’ll do my best to make it happen. The Castaway visors have arrived just in time for Spring and are ready to ship.

It took me awhile to finally find a top quality visor for you guys. No way was I going to put the Castaway name on some less than stellar gear. I finally found a great visor at none other than Captain Tony’s Saloon in Key West. I bought one of their visors a few months back and loved it. I wore it everywhere. I tracked down the maker and had them do the Castaway one.

Here are some photos of the new Castaway visor.

Castaway Visor

Castaway Visor

RumShopRyan Visor

Castaway Visor

What do you think?! I hope you guys like them as much as I do.

Cheers and thank you for all your support!

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