Every time I think about St. Kitts I remember the great people, the beautiful natural beauty of the island and the great beach bars. My time on St. Kitts as the Marriott Beach Blogger was short, but the island and its people made a strong impression on me.

Below is Part 2 of the St. Kitts video montage. You can watch Part 1 here. You’ll see photos and video of our climb up Mt. Liamuiga, St. Kitt’s rainforest covered volcano, Shipwreck and Reggae beach bars and beautiful scenic overlooks, all put to the music of Mishka’s Give Them Love. Oh yeah, you’re going to enjoy this.

St. Kitts Video Montage Part 2

I want to give a big thanks to…

  • O’Neil of O’Neil’s Rainforest Tours
  • Shipwreck Beach Bar
  • The great people at Reggae Beach Bar
  • And of course to Lavern and the great people of the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Casino

How badly do you want to go?


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