Today’s “Salt Life Sound” comes from the band, Hello Dave. They sing this great little song called “Biminy”, that many of you have probably heard on No Shoes Radio. That’s where I first heard it. It’s a song about an island, new love and a girl that turned out to be not so pretty.

My take on the song is that the guy is in love with his beautiful island of Bimini, meets a girl on vacation, falls in lust, she talks him into leaving his island for another – New York City, things fall a part, and he sails his boat a 1000 miles back to Bimini. Haven’t we all had this happen in some sort of fashion? Live and learn I suppose.

They spell the song Biminy with a”Y” instead of an “I” like the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas that I assume they are singing about. Confusing.

I couldn’t find a really good video of the song to share with you, but I think this will give you a feeling for the song.

If you want to buy the song just click the itunes link to download it.

Hello Dave – Biminy Video

Hello Dave was accidentally formed at Eastern Illinois University by singer/songwriter Mike Himebaugh. Set on being a veterinarian at the time, Himebaugh curiously picked up an old acoustic guitar he found in the garage one day and taught himself to play. Deciding that being in a rock and roll band was way better than veterinarian school, Himebaugh formed Hello Dave and soon started rocking the Midwest and beyond.