Caribbean Beach Bars – Cow Wreck Bar, Anegada BVI

Ahoy Castaways. I’m starting a new series and am going to feature a Caribbean Beach Bar once a week. After all, isn’t that where we long to spend most of our time!

Let’s start things off with the famous Cow Wreck Beach Bar on Anegada in the British Virgin Islands.

Cow Wreck Beach BarBecause it’s somewhat off the beaten path, Anegada doesn’t get the same attention as the other islands. Sort of like the red headed step-child of the BVI. But remember, if something is easy then everyone would be doing it, that’s why Anegada is special. It’s also special because on its shores sits what many believe is the best beach bar in the entire BVIs, the Cow Wreck Bar and Restaurant.

It has a bar that serves rum and ice cold beer. It has hammocks that dance in the trade winds. It has some of the bluest water you’ve ever seen that cozies up to powder white sand beaches. It has Conch Fritters and lobster salad sandwiches that scream to be devoured. Is there a better place to spend an afternoon in the BVI?

Enjoy a Wreck Punch, Bushwacker, Painkiller, Pina Colada, Banana, Strawberry or Mango Daiquiri. Are you drooling yet? The famous Cow Killer is their own special blend, always served with a smile. Go ahead…order two!

The beach bar got it’s name because it sits on Cow Wreck Bay, stories tell of cow bones that use to get washed up from shipwrecks in days gone by. I think it’s a unique name that will stick in your mind just like the memories that you’re sure to create there.

Leave a comment and let us know if you’ve been to Cow Wreck. Let us know how amazing it was!




  1. Nice work!!!
    ~I think I’ll have two!!!
    It looks like a perfect place to be!!!!!! *HugeSmiles*

    PS… I didn’t know the story behind the name, Cow Wreck Bay… interesting!!!

  2. Cow Wreck!
    Big ups to the BVI!

  3. Beach Bars. Nothing beats them. I am so looking forward to the beach bars you highlight. Haven’t been to this one, nor have I been to this island.

  4. It’s my favorite place on the planet. The pictures do not do it justice. It is so peaceful, beautiful and calming.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!

    I’ll work on the CAPTCHA thing saying your code was wrong then excepting your comment anyways.


  6. Trishiegirl says:

    I spent my time on Anagada at Loblolly Bay but this one looks great, too. TIny island, lots of beach, so good bars. Definitely worth the trip. One of my best memories.
    They did have to clear the cows off the runway so our little puddle jumper could land.

  7. Thanks for the comment Trishiegirl and thanks for sharing your Anegada story…cows and all. Cheers!

  8. It is a nice place, for I could see on the tape, Congratulations for been the winner of the contest.

  9. We (family and I) were on Cow Wreck Beach last year. My brother, father and fiance all really liked this bar because as we were told by our taxi driver. If the bartenders weren’t around you could just go ahead and grab something for yourself.

  10. The Caribbean honor system. Gotta love it. Thanks for sharing Kristen. Cheers!

  11. Finally got the chance to lounge under the shades at Cow Wreck with a Cow Killer. Pretty chill place. I don’t know why I thought Lobster and conch fritters were pretty pricey back then, but my mouth does water when I think of them. Can’t wait to go back

  12. Thanks for sharing your story Greg. I still need to make it out to Cow Wreck and Anegada. The place sounds like an isolated paradise!

  13. Sue Voigt says:

    I could not drink two cow killers. One and half and I could barely make it back to the Taxi to return to the catamaran. Beautiful place and great beach. I’d stop at one cow killer.


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