We are Buffett parrotheads, we are sailing soles, we are island junkies, we are frozen drink crazies, we are limin’ lizards. You wrap all that together into one big burrito and what do you get?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

You guys, the people who read RumShopRyan and are fans on our island vibe facebook page are crazy about everything I mentioned above but we really don’t have a catchy name. So let’s come up with one.

I’ve been thinking about getting some cool gear made up for you guys. Things like wrist bands, hats and what not. Nothing crazy but something for you to look at and remind yourself of the island way of life.  I have some names, but not really thrilled with too many of them.  So I thought why not ask you guys, the coolest bunch out there! You guys are creative and with a couple boat drinks in your system I’m sure the names will be flowing like the rum.

Here’s what I came up with so far.

RumShopRyan and the…

  • RumRunners
  • Beach Bums
  • Beach Nuts
  • Rum Bums
  • Pirate Army
  • Coconut Army
  • Sand People
  • Sand Squad
  • Tiki Tribe
  • Coconut Army
  • Coastal Club
  • Coastal Crew
  • Coconut Crew
  • Flip Floppers
  • Coconut Army
  • Salt Nuts
  • Sand Lizards

Like I said I really don’t like many of these. Please Help! I’ll send the person with the best name a island koozie. The winning name will used everywhere, so you will actually become famous! Well, at least very cool in small groups.

Thank you guys!