After one sip, you’ll forget all your worries until sunrise.

I haven’t had the pleasure of sampling the Fire Island Sunrise, but it sounds damn good. One shot of rum, one shot of vodka, then sweet and sour and juices to mask the taste of alcohol. Sounds like something that sneaks up on you after a couple and makes you tell bad jokes.

Fire Island Sunrise Cocktail Recipe

  • White rim 1 shot
  • Vodka 1 shot
  • Orange juice 1 shot
  • Sweet and sour 1 shot
  • Cranberry juice splash
  • Orange slice garnish

In an ice-filled Collins glass, pour the alcohols in first. Add the orange juice and sweet and sour. Add with cranberry juice to create a “sunrise” and garnish with an orange slice. Raise glass and toast.

Let me know if you gives this boat drink a try. Would love to know what you think.