This weeks Boat Drinks recipe comes from the beautiful Serenity Point Resort located in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Island cocktails and the Bahamas go together like sea and salt, like sand and shells, like bikinis and babes… think I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

The warmth of the Bahamian sun inspired this recipe from Gustaf Hernqvist, Senior Sales and Marketing Director at Serenity Point.

Thanks for the recipe guys! Serenity Point and your island look spectacular.

Bahamian Peach Drink Recipe

1. Muddle slices from a third of a lemon in a tall glass.
2. Pour 1 oz Vodka
3. Pour half oz Peach Liquor.
4. Fill glass with ice.
5. Top with sprite or soda, sprite for sweetness or soda for health!

Let me know if you guys give this cocktail a try.