Willemstad Curacao, Harbor Webcam

What makes Curacao special among Caribbean islands? Authenticity. For centuries, they have forged a vibrant and rich culture rooted in history and hospitality. Their heritage is both European and African – representing more than 50 nationalities. They speak Dutch, Spanish, and English – as well as a local language, Papiamentu, a colorful Creole dialect. Interested?

Yes, I’m interested, but let’s get a look at what all the excitement is about.

Live view from the penthouse Plaza Hotel

I think I see an ABC island cruise in my future. You?

Over and from somewhere south,


  1. that low bridge in the foreground is a pontoon bridge. When I visited curacao, I was on the other side of it, and was rushing to get back to my cruise ship, and realized that the bridge was opened up for a ship to pass! I freaked out, but luckily I found a ferry that was going back and forth and got me to my ship with like 5 minutes to spare. Good times. WIllemstad is a beautiful place – the architecture and color is amazing.

  2. Very cool. Would love to see photos of your trip. Feel free to post them on our fan page. http://facebook.com/rumshopryan Thanks for the comment Adam!

  3. Holazz Everybody!
    Im delly from Curacao,
    I want to share some nice & beautiful photos From CURACAO:

    You guys are always welcome here!! contact me If u r there.

  4. I will, thanks!

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