How I Chose RumShopRyan as my Pen Name

I was asked last week after I wrote the “How a Kansas Boy Ended up in Florida” post, how did I come up with the name of RumShopRyan.  It’s a good question and there’s a good answer.

No I don’t have a liquor store and only sell rum. No I’m not a expert rum connoisseur and can tell you the everything there is to know about this tasty spirit. What I can tell you is that the name was inspired by the Barbados people and their love of rum shops.

I love the name because of what a rum shops is.  The social hub of the island, rum shops are the place to go to share a laugh, a story and some rum with friends and strangers alike. They’re an important part of the Bajan culture and has been for over 300 years.  Step up to the counter, order your rum punch and come lime with me.

Rum shops are a place for people to socialize and share.  My idea was to create a community, a place for people with an escapism passion to come together and hang out or “lime”.   What is your favorite beach? Do you have a Caribbean island that speaks to your sole?  If so, then I want to hear about it.  I share that same passion with you and know that thousands more do as well.

No I can’t take you to exotic ports of call or the beach side bars, but I can tell you about them.  I can share boat drink recipes, island webcams and must see attractions when you are on island. I can give you a glimpse of what it is like to live on the coast of somewhere beautiful.  To me southwest Florida is a tropical paradise.  It still puts a smile on this Kansas boy’s face as I drive down palm lined roads and take in post card sunsets every night.

I chose the name RumShopRyan because I wanted to share.  Share with all of you fellow RumRunners.

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Just a salty pirate looking to explore and document the wonders of the Caribbean. Professional blogger, rum judge, consultant, marketer, and consumer of blue water beauty.


  1. Rosi February 23, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    St. John is my island and depending on the day Maho or Salt Pond.
    My heart and soul met the first time I arrived to live on island and I think they are still there.
    I had to leave for a bit to take care of family with cancer.
    I will get back soon come I know.

  2. mm
    RumShopRyan February 23, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    I am in love with St. John. Would be interested in hearing the story of how you came to live on STJ. Many dream of it, few do it.

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