Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio Hat

Every day I come to work, warm up the computer and the first thing I do is go to No Shoes Radio.  It’s Kenny Chesney’s online streaming radio channel and it’s the perfect thing to listen to throughout the day.  I know what your thinking, Chesney is great but I couldn’t listen to him all day.  Nor could I.  But the channel plays so much more than just Chesney’s music.  It plays the likes of Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, The Eagles, Kid Rock, Rolling Stones, Zac Brown Band and more.  I think Weezer is playing right now even.

I could mark out and write an entire post just about No Shoes Radio but I’m not.  I just wanted to share the new No Shoes Radio hat I got from the channel’s online store.  Yes, the last thing I need is another hat (my girlfriend would agree), but I think it will be the perfect bald head protector for my days on the beach and boat.  Life is tough isn’t it.

Since we are talking about Kenny Chesney, I thought I’d share the winner of RumShopRyan’s Chesney photo caption contest again.

Kenny Chesney is tired of “Living In Fast Forward” so he has gone “On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful” to be “Young” again. “When The Sun Goes Down” he will break out “The Keg In The Closet” and remember all of us fans while he “Lives Those Songs” and special memories w/ all his island buddies. When “Summertime” is over, Kenny will say, “I have had enough “Beer In Mexico”. It’s time to “Go Back” “In A Small Town” to the fans that “Like Me”. I have enjoyed my time off, but “I Have Never Wanted Anything More” but to get back to my fans that are anxious for me to start the 2011 tour!”

Over and out from some where south,

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  1. Lacy Surprenant January 22, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Love the picture!!! I need to get that hat…..thanks for reposting my caption! I am really looking forward to his new 3-D movie that’s coming out in April!
    Thanks for all the cool pics,

  2. Brad January 24, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Greetings from Beach Outpost!

    Hi Ryan! I am sitting here way down south in the bright Argentinean summer sunshine listening to your suggestion of No Shoes Radio… Appropriately, I am not wearing shoes and do have a deliciously cool Brahma beer in my hand. Come to think of it, we never wear shoes, here. Thought I’d get in contact to give you some props for your website and thanks for the suggestion!

    NP: Eddy Raven – Island

  3. norman January 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Sometimes we gotta do just that, listn to something than the norm. It can be refreshing.

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