Adios Boys – Boat Drink

This clever little drink is called Adios Boys, because after one sip, you might be drinkin’ double.

I’m not quite sure if this is my definition of a Boat Drink, but it does sound tasty.  Side note, I will not be having mine in a tiny cutesy lady style martini glass as its pictured here.  Manly Beer Stein all the way.

This week’s Hump Day Boat Drink again doesn’t contain rum, but it does spice things up with tequila and Tabasco.  This one sounds right up my alley.  Love me some spicy.

Adios Boys Ingredients

1 jigger tequila
4 jiggers tomato juice (I use spicy V8)
1/2 lime, squezzed and dropped into the glass
Dash of Tabasco (I prefer more than a dash)
Fill shaker with cracked ice. Add first 2 ingredients. Shake and strain into glass. Add the lime and Tabasco.

I’m heading to the store to get the ingredients. Cheers!


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