Hi Mom, Look at me, I’m in Key West!!!

Hogs Breath Saloon is one of Key West’s many famous watering holes.  They have excellent live entertainment, good food and great webcams!  A webcam isn’t usually the first thing that jumps out of head when thinking of bars, but Hogs Breath is different.

Below is this weeks webcam post.  This one is great because it’s live, not one of those that just refreshes every 15 seconds.  It has audio and is just like watching TV.  Except this reality show is unscripted and features the drinking jollies of the unaware.

It’s located in their outdoor patio bar area.  The best thing about it is you can get right up next to it.  Call your friends/family and send them to the Hog’s Breath website so they can see all the fun you are having without them.

Yes, I have done this.  Yes, it was fun. And no I did not take home the old lady I was hanging on.  Ahhhhh, Key West.