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Team Cocktail Giveaway

Team Cocktail Keep The Summer Going Giveaway

The summer never ends here on RumShopRyan.com. No matter where you live I try to send tropical beach bar vibes your way. While I do that through words, companies like Team Cocktail do it through their large selection of hats, shirts, and other summer inspiring gear. Trust me, I've partied with Team Cocktail at numerous Kenny Chesney shows and in Key West, they know how to keep … [Read More...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up: Antigua, St. Lucia and Beach Bars

I hate Hurricane Matthew. Right now as I write this the storm is battering Grand Bahamas and making it's way towards the Space Coast of Florida. While we aren't getting much weather from the storm here in Ft. Myers, it has caused a lot of damage throughout the Caribbean. I've been monitoring the Facebook accounts of my friends in the Bahamas and it looks pretty bad, especially … [Read More...]

Halloween drink recipe

The Chilling Ghost-tini Halloween Rum Recipe

After one sip, you'll think you can walk through walls...but you can't so you'll get a bloody nose...then you'll have to go to the emergency room. Happy Halloween! Halloween is upon us. It's a time for freaks and frights to walk the night. But for this castaway it's not an occasion for candy, it's an occasion for rum. Don't you agree? Because of the approaching ghoulish … [Read More...]

Annaberg Ruins St John

A Place of Pain and Beauty: The Contrasts of Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

The Caribbean is a place of contrasts. There's the stunning blue of the sea and towering peaks surrounded by clouds. There's the glitz of places like St. Barths and the quiet peace of the Out Islands in the Bahamas. Contrasts can be found everywhere, but one place sparks a different type of contrast...the Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins on St. John in the USVI. It's a place of … [Read More...]

Bob Marley Drink Recipe

One Rum With A Frozen Bob Marley

After one sip, you'll think you have a good Jamaican accent...yeah mon. For a relatively small island, Jamaica sure knows how to make a splash on the world stage. It's the home of the fastest men and women and it gave us all the music of Bob Marley. The power, feelings and passion behind Marley's lyrics have transcended race, culture and economic differences world wide. It's only … [Read More...]

Callwood rum distillery BVI

Step Back In Time With the Callwood Rum Distillery In The BVI

You won't need a Delorean to go back in time to see how Caribbean rum use to be made. All you need is a passport and a trip to the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Here you will find the Callwood Rum Distillery located in Cane Garden Bay, one of the oldest continuously run rum distilleries in the Caribbean. We got the chance to visit the famous Callwood Rum … [Read More...]

Caribbean wrap up saba

Saba, The BVI, The Happiest Island and More: Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Take me away. This week's Caribbean Wrap Up takes you to some amazing places. Aruba, the BVI, Punta Cana and Puerto Rico are all waiting for you. But it's the story about the smallest island of the bunch that captures me the most. Saba, you're on my mind. I hear people rave about its raw natural beauty and towing cliffs. I hear people speak about how nice the people are. I hear … [Read More...]

Papas Pilar swag

Hemingway Would Approve – Papa’s Pilar Store Launch

I love rum. All rum. I also love representing that rum passion by rocking some cool swag. Hats, shirts, koozies, old bottles, stickers--I can't get enough. That's why when I found out that one of my favorite rum brands was launching a store I jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first to grab the swag! Say hello to the brand new Papa's Pilar merchandise store! If you … [Read More...]

Caribbean travel info

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Do you have the itch? Not the itch you get if you forgot to shower for a day or 4, it's the island itch. It's a feeling you get when it's been too long since your last trip. I have the itch. As I'm getting older I've realized that the itch comes quicker and quicker. May was our last jump to the islands and now it's September. My body is beginning to tell me that it's over due. … [Read More...]

Caribbean blogger

The REAL Life of a Caribbean Blogger

There are many dream jobs out there. Teacher, stock broker, business owner, boat captain, it all depends where your passions lie. What about Caribbean Blogger, would you add that title to the list? Since 2009, I've been lucky enough to have the title, Caribbean Blogger, behind my name. I'm not here to boast or blow my own horn though, quite the opposite. I'm here to give you a … [Read More...]

Tropical Storm Drink Recipe

The Cruzan Tropical Storm: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be blown away. It must be a slow news cycle here in Florida. We have a tropical depression #9 hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico right now. This storm is causing water cooler talk at work and news stations are pushing it to the lead story. Have we Floridians gone soft? Florida has seen some pretty serious storms and we have always taken them in stride. But … [Read More...]

Caribbean Weekly

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Where do you want to go? If you're a regular on this website, then chances are your day dreams take you to the land of dancing palm trees, white sand beaches and Caribbean culture. If that's true, then you and I have something in common. Cheers! I see comments all the time of people (Castaways) saying they "wish" they could visit this island or that beach. Wishes and dreams … [Read More...]

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