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    The Top 7 Beaches of Antigua


Papa's Pilar Rum Recipe The Survivor

The Survivor: A Shot of Courage and Relief

After one sip, you'll be able to take on an angry ocean. Sometimes you just need an instant dose of relaxation. It could be in the form of a good book, a drive with the windows down, or it might be a quick and smooth rum drink. By the looks of the photo above, you won't need a map to find out which form of relaxation this story will center around. This simple and smooth rum … [Read More...]

Sunny Island Adventures Captiva Island

A Salty Proposal to a Beautiful Mermaid

She said YES!!! The following is a behind the scenes look at a special moment that was a long time coming. You'll see how my mind works and doesn't work on the day I asked Castaway Crystal to marry me. If you read my two-part story about The Trip That Wasn't, then you'll know that I was planning to propose on Cat Island at The Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia. Crystal is a big cat … [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Drink Recipe

The Pumpkin Pie Martini – A Dessert You Can Sip!

After one sip, that weird uncle won't seem so bad. I don't know about you but 2016 had wings and a couple jet engines attached to it. It flew by in the blink of eye. I wish time would slow down a little, like back when we were all kids and summer vacation felt like an eternity. I want more time to soak up some Caribbean magic! Being that we are coming to the end of 2016 and … [Read More...]

Sunshine Society box

Inside The Sunshine Society Box

This one's for the ladies! As loyal RumShop followers It’s safe to say that you love the islands and anything island related. Also, I know not everyone lives in a tropical destination and cannot make it to a tropical island every month so I have the next best thing for you! Let the island life come to you with The Sunshine Society Box. It will truly brighten your day! … [Read More...]

Cruising the Bahamas

Part 2: A Trip That Wasn’t – Lessons Learned on the High Seas

...And the conclusion of A Trip That Wasn't. If you are just joining in, you can read about Part 1 right here. Grab a life jacket, the seas get a bit rougher! Day 8: We woke early and prepared for our passage taking us to Staniel Cay and Big Majors. The winds were still blowing 15-20mph from the NE but we were traveling south on the shallow lee side of the Exuma island … [Read More...]

Mermaid Tales Tropical Escape Yacht charters

Part 1: A Trip That Wasn’t – Lessons Learned on the High Seas

...And when he handed me the emergency life beacon and told us to put lifejackets on, I knew it was time to pray. If you were following our latest Bahamas trip aboard the motor yacht Mermaid Tales on social media, then you might have caught on that the trip wasn't going quite as planned. Sure, the photos we were posting on Facebook and Instagram showed smiling faces as we fed the … [Read More...]

Caribbean blogs

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up: Beaches, Anegada Lobster, Blue Lagoons and More!

You know the feeling you get when returning form a vacation? That feeling where you need a vacation from your vacation? That's what we are going through. Our two-week trip through the Bahamas that was suppose to end up in Turks and Caicos turned out to be the trip that wasn't. I have much more to tell you about that in the coming weeks. Let's just say boats and Mother Nature … [Read More...]

Team Cocktail Giveaway

Team Cocktail $150 Giveaway Winner Is…

Today is the day. With the help of the drinking company with a clothing problem, a winner was chosen at random out of all those that entered the $150 Team Cocktail Giveaway. Are you excited??!! With out further delay... (Every time I announce a winner I here a drum roll in my head.) The winner is...Clara Murray! Congratulations Clara! I'll be emailing you information on how … [Read More...]

Team Cocktail Giveaway

Team Cocktail Keep The Summer Going Giveaway

The summer never ends here on RumShopRyan.com. No matter where you live I try to send tropical beach bar vibes your way. While I do that through words, companies like Team Cocktail do it through their large selection of hats, shirts, and other summer inspiring gear. Trust me, I've partied with Team Cocktail at numerous Kenny Chesney shows and in Key West, they know how to keep … [Read More...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up: Antigua, St. Lucia and Beach Bars

I hate Hurricane Matthew. Right now as I write this the storm is battering Grand Bahamas and making it's way towards the Space Coast of Florida. While we aren't getting much weather from the storm here in Ft. Myers, it has caused a lot of damage throughout the Caribbean. I've been monitoring the Facebook accounts of my friends in the Bahamas and it looks pretty bad, especially … [Read More...]

Halloween drink recipe

The Chilling Ghost-tini Halloween Rum Recipe

After one sip, you'll think you can walk through walls...but you can't so you'll get a bloody nose...then you'll have to go to the emergency room. Happy Halloween! Halloween is upon us. It's a time for freaks and frights to walk the night. But for this castaway it's not an occasion for candy, it's an occasion for rum. Don't you agree? Because of the approaching ghoulish … [Read More...]

Annaberg Ruins St John

A Place of Pain and Beauty: The Contrasts of Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

The Caribbean is a place of contrasts. There's the stunning blue of the sea and towering peaks surrounded by clouds. There's the glitz of places like St. Barths and the quiet peace of the Out Islands in the Bahamas. Contrasts can be found everywhere, but one place sparks a different type of contrast...the Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins on St. John in the USVI. It's a place of … [Read More...]

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