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Hiking St. John’s Reef Bay Trail

Does this beast ever end? St. John in the US Virgin islands is covered in hiking trails. One of the most famous and the longest is the Reef Bay Trail. At 2.2 miles long with another .44 miles if you want to see the famed St. John Petroglyphs, this trail will test your endurance. Starting high in the mountains off of Centerline Road, the trail takes you through the forest, down … [Read More...]

Caribbean Travel News

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Want to see Zac Brown Band play in the Riviera Maya? How about a sip of Pusser's new rum? Maybe music and rum isn't your thing. How about a hike on Tortola in the BVI, a Jamaican adventure, or getting wet in the famous waterfalls of the Dominican Republic? Don't like doing that either? Then you are on the wrong website. Enjoy exploring the Caribbean in this week's Wrap … [Read More...]

Caribbean rum and beer festival

Get To St. Maarten for the 2016 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival

Delicious rum, refreshing island beer, and a tropical island with two personalities..sign up me! Did I tempt you as well? Good. This November 4th and 5th the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is heading back to one of the Caribbean’s most exciting islands, St Maarten. The Festival is a boutique style event which maintains a reputation for providing festival goers with an … [Read More...]

Caribbean travel stories

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Want to explore the wild side of Aruba or maybe stay in a overwater bungalow in Panama. Or maybe you'd rather explore the volcanoes of the Caribbean and dine on island style drunk chicken. Whatever you fancy, I'm sure you'll find a story that will cause your imagination to stir in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. Enjoy and remember....just go! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Caribbean … [Read More...]

Rum Iced Coffee Recipe

Rum & Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe: Boat Drinks

After one sip, Starbucks will be no more. One Grande Carmel Frappuccino hold the whip please. I'm no coffee drinker. That foo foo frappuccino is about as close as I come to coffee drinks. But today's drink recipe might be an exception. It's called the Rum & Coconut Iced Coffee. Just sort of rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Well hold on to your flip flops because it tastes … [Read More...]

Dinghy Rental St. John

How To Be Your Own Pirate Captain On St. John

It’s funny how amazing ideas happen over a couple large margaritas. Castaway Crystal and I were looking for a dinner spot in Cruz Bay on St. John. It was a hard day of relaxing on Maho Bay beach watching the pelicans dive into bait balls. That sort of relaxation really works up an appetite and the perfect remedy was a big ass burrito. We stroll into Margarita Phil’s and … [Read More...]

Rose Island Bahamas Sand

In Search of the Perfect Sandy Footprint

I have a little treat for you Castaways today, here is a guest post by the one and only Castaway Crystal about her quest for the Caribbean's perfect sand. In the Bahamas, just three miles east of Paradise Island is a small uninhabited piece of heaven called Rose Island. Last February, thanks to the good people of Sandy Toes Beach Bar, RumShopRyan and I had the opportunity to … [Read More...]

Photos of Dominica

Dominica Photo Book

The Caribbean is a majestic and magical place. Each island giving you a different taste of culture, history, scenery, and activities. Some islands are known for their AI Resorts, others their off-the-grid secluded serenity. If your idea of a Caribbean escape has you hiking through lush rainforests, swimming in mountain pools fed by towering waterfalls, and exploring the rich … [Read More...]

Caribbean travel stories

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Secret statues, delicious Peas n' Rice, a special island of St. Martin, the best hotels in Puerto Rico and a look at what it's like to walk the streets of beautiful San Pedro, Belize. It's an island hopping adventure without packing. While reading about these places stirs the imagination and is the stuff of day dreams, there's no substitute for experiencing this Caribbean bliss … [Read More...]

Rum Drink Recipe

Taste The Fury – The Caribbean Storm Cocktail Recipe

After one sip, you won't be in a tropical depression. When you start mixing flavored rums in a fruitiful cocktail, you're going to get something sweet and strong. The flavors mask the rum and you can end up with a drink that is nearly all liquor with a splash of juice and it still tastes great. Today's drink is just that. The drink is called The Caribbean Storm and was … [Read More...]

Margaritaville grand cayman bar

Future Margritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort Releases Details

For all you Parrotheads out there, there's going to be a new destination for you to flock to shortly. It's going to sit on Grand Cayman's famous Seven Mile Beach, the perfect place to for a latitude adjustment. The first renderings and amenity details of the Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort were released recently. The 285-room beachfront property, set on the picturesque … [Read More...]

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Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The best beach bar in (off) Nassau, floating pizzia, exploring George Town in the Exumas, get to know Anguilla, and sip on one of Bahama Bob's summer cocktails. All that in more in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up! Enjoy the escape! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up The Caribbean’s First Pizza Boat: A floating pizzeria? In a spot off the southeastern coast of St Thomas, US Virgin … [Read More...]

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